Become a Fashion Designer

Learn how to professionally create your own collections of clothes, accessories and shoes. Successfully promote your brand on the market by gaining additional skills as a fashion manager, marketer, producer and stylist. Work with trend forecasting and sustainable fashion. Create a portfolio and get the first paid orders in the learning process.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

A fashion designer thinks through the concepts of products, draws sketches, selects materials, organizes the processes of sewing test samples, and presents works at fashion shows. It is the designer who creates trends, forms new values, desires, the direction of development of the fashion industry.

The main tasks of a fashion designer:

✔Create original products that convey to the world the message the designer or his client needs – through colors, shapes, textures;
✔Generate new emotions, meanings, informational reasons for the world, raise important social and personal topics for discussion;
✔Create unique art objects, decorative works for interior design, collectible pieces of clothing and accessories.

We know what you think of yourself:

I have many creative ideas. I already create my products – from improvised materials, with a minimal budget. But I’m terribly afraid to show them to the world. What if society, the audience does not understand me and not an example? What if I have no chance to become a professional?

I don’t have the initial capital to start my own brand. I know that I need to assemble a team, buy materials and rent equipment. I’m afraid I need to forget about my dreams in fashion design.

Everyone says that you can break through in the fashion world only if you have connections and contacts with influential people. I definitely don’t have any. How can I be then? Is it worth starting at all?

Our courses will help you solve your questions and
inspire you for new projects in fashion design!

7 reasons to choose fashion design

1. Fashion design is one of the most important ways to express yourself.

Fashion is not just clothes and shoes. This is love, art, self-expression, the opportunity to express yourself in one way in this world – for millions of people. If you feel that you could be doing fashion all the time, even without receiving income, then the profession of a fashion designer will become your favorite job that brings a decent profit.

2. Fashion is a powerful and influential industry.

The Fashion sphere is an “invisible front” that affects every person in the world. Even if someone thinks that he is far from fashion, in fact he is already a direct consumer and agent of fashion solutions from leading fashion designers from head to toe. After all, everything that we see on store shelves is the result of the work of a huge team from the fashion industry. It is you who will become the author and starting point of the next trend that the whole world will be obsessed with.

3. A chance to make yourself known to the world and go down in history

Collections of famous fashion designers inspire millions of people around the world. Fashion items are exhibited in museums. Based on fashion collections, they study the social, economic, cultural and political agenda in the world. Every politician has his own stylist and favorite fashion brand. Why don’t you be the next to dress up first ladies?

4. Opportunity to work for yourself and be independent

Fashion designers most often work for themselves and do not depend on the opinions of managers. They open their own productions and shops, create unique brands. Today there are many marketing platforms for placing your products. This is an opportunity to create your own schedule, be free from offices, spend a lot of time with your family and travel.

5. Opportunity to travel and see the world

Do you dream of visiting the fashion capitals of the world? Look at the legendary fashion houses, be inspired by different cultures for new collections? Working in the fashion industry is an opportunity to fly from city to city, from country to country, to attend fashion shows and boutiques. In addition, this way you will be able to receive commissions and collaborate with clients around the world, adapting your work to the local culture.

6. Meeting interesting people

Fashion design is a huge industry where you constantly communicate and meet new people. This is an opportunity to make many useful contacts, as well as get acquainted with famous personalities in the world of art, fashion, cinema, theater, politics, etc. This is your chance to really work with someone you only see on magazine covers.

7. Stable income in any conditions

Fashion is a huge industry that employs billions of people. This is the largest business along with other areas such as law, banking, economics, etc. This is an area in which it is absolutely possible to build a long-term career with a stable income. Earnings depend only on you and on your skills in specialization, marketing, entrepreneurship, PR – which is what we teach in our courses.

Get new skills and knowledge

Designing collections of clothes and accessories

You will be able to create your own fashion collections, first in your imagination, then on paper or in graphic editors, and then in real prototypes and finished products. You will be able to realize and prepare a collection for a fashion week show, for shooting, selling, sending to showrooms.

Textile selection and materials science

You will be able to independently select fabrics and accessories for your collections. You will know how to test fabric properties, quality, compatibility and endurance. You will be able to properly carry out wet-heat treatment and care for fabrics so that they retain their marketable appearance for as long as possible.

Tailoring basics

You will have the basics of tailoring: know everything about the main elements of clothing and the construction of high quality finished products from them, what types of stitches and treatments exist, as well as the names of the main elements in the design and tailoring of clothes.

Analysis and forecasting of fashion trends

You can predict uptrends and get rid of fading ones in time. You will master the knowledge of the cyclical nature of fashion and the laws of its functioning. You will be able to create terms of reference for analytics specialists and evaluate their work.

Fashion history, color and shape theory

You will be able to understand the history of fashion, its stages, origins, reasons for the emergence of a particular trend, based on social, technological, political, cultural aspects. Learn about key people, fashion designers and innovators in the fashion industry. Learn to analyze fashion periods and create images within the desired historical period.

Fashion management and sales

Learn how to make yourself known as a designer, promote your brand and name in the fashion world. You can apply for participation in competitions for young designers. You can organize wholesale and retail sales, dropshipping.

Monetization Lab

You will be able to figure out how to make the first sales, look for the first customers, learn how to properly design your social networks, declaring yourself as a specialist.

Stylist for fashion brands and projects

You can easily understand all existing styles of clothing, their combination and contradictions. Learn to distinguish between types of female and male figures, and visually correct them. You will learn in practice how to work with a dress code, capsule and basic wardrobe, and you will be able to compose them at the request of the client.